The Phase 10 Kit is sent via USA MAIL ONLY


PHASE 10 is a new, creative, money-making program that forces people to receiving money simply by being a leader of followers.
My frustration with the networking and direct mail industry is the rich get richer and the poor get poorer! Phase 10 is my attempt to change that.
That is why I have integrated five important factors in the PHASE 10 program.

The low cost for entry takes the risk away in terms of how much a person is willing to risk to actually become a commission-qualifying member. This increases the possibility that they check things out and start their income-generating immediately. The advancing to higher phases allows people to increase their income (actually they will have multiple incomes at one time) as the "follow the leader" concept kicks in. The pay out structure is set up so participants get their money cost back with just one sign-up and then 80% - 100% for each additional sign-up. Go through this website once to get the details. Go through it a second time to get excited!