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As you may or may not know, I create income-generating programs for a reason. I want YOU to earn money! I know the industry needs a program in which people can earn as much money as the program can afford to pay out and still allow enough profit for the company to exist.

When I create a program, what tends to happen is one program leads to another based on what I have learned in the preceding program. Through experience, I learn what attracts people to a program and then include new ideas and approaches in the new program to make it possible for people to earn money.

One of the things I have learned is, people are reluctant to join a program that is too costly. There are several reasons for this, but at the top is not knowing if it is a scam and the cost being too high to risk finding out and giving it a try. Certainly competition is another reason, but for the most part it is the cost to check/try it out.

When it comes to cost, there is a two-edge sword. If the program cost is low, then available money is low. If the program cost is high, thus providing more money to pay out, then it becomes difficult to find people who are willing to risk money for higher cost/paying programs.

That is why I have integrated three important factors in my new program called "PHASE 10." (1) low cost for entry and still pay out 100% of the cash cost; (2) A system that allows people to advance to higher phases, thus increasing their earning potential; (3) a payout structure that rewards the participants more than the company.

The low cost for entry takes the risk away in terms of how much a person is willing to risk to actually become a commission-qualifying member. This increases the possibility that they check things out and start their income-generating immediately.

The advancing to higher phases allows people to increase their income (actually they will have multiple incomes at one time) as the "follow the leader" concept kicks in.

The pay out structure is set up so participants get their money cost back with just one sign-up and then 80% - 100% for each additional sign-up.

The provided information details it more and gives you the opportunity to be one of the first to check/try it out.

Sincerely, Lon Lindsey